Custom Orders

Thank you for viewing the Elysium custom order page where you can tell us what you want! We welcome you to look throughout our site and if you cannot find the perfect item for you, allow us to custom make one for you. Variations on size, color, texture, or a special touch to the item that you are viewing are never a problem.

Desired Item:
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Don’t be boxed in by our pictures; if there is something you are looking for that is not featured on our site, whether it be a modern everyday belt, motorcycle (or as we like to say Iron Horse) accessories, fantasy costuming pieces, historically accurate armor, unique Steampunk gear, or something you saw elsewhere and would like our quote on the item Contact Us.

Many of our custom orders are from scratch or from designs and sketches given to us by customers. We’ve even been known to use materials provided by customers—deer hides, leather, etc—and in providing us materials your end cost is less.

When we take on a Custom Order, we will not create and/or sell that exact item to any other customer without your request/consent. (This does not apply to custom changes to items already showcased on the website or reproduction pieces.)

We offer the option of putting 50% down to complete your Custom Order with the other 50% due upon completion before shipping.

Please Be Aware: If you do not claim and pay the remaining balance of your Custom Order within 90 days of being notified of its completion we will place the item on the shelf and treat it as standard inventory.